Àgata Subirats

Mamayoga’s creator. Mother of a girl and two boys, doula, breastfeeding counsellor, yoga teacher trained in Kundalini Yoga and dedicated practitioner from Hatta Yoga for several years.

In 2008 I majored in “pregnant yoga” and “postpartum yoga” with babies and since then, it has been my life.

Pregnancy of my eldest daughter changed my life completely, and childbirth, long and costly, helped me to empower me and feel the innate power of all women. I understood then, in my skin, how yoga can help and facilitate these processes so wonderful and hard sometimes. Yoga gave me wings to listen my intuition and earth to feel my strength and determination.

It was then that I started to create my own method, Mamayoga, based on my own experiences and needs. Classes based on the dynamism and joy, where all aspects of this vital stage are worked and where yoga is the vehicle.

Since then, I work accompanying every day to more women and their partners in this exciting adventure of motherhood, to live this stage with fully discovering their power, like a window that once opened, will not close again.