Alicia Sánchez

My academic training is a little far from the current reality of my life. I am Industrial Engineer and although it is a degree of pure sciences, always I have been more motivated for human side. For this, I tried guide my profession everything I could to international cooperation and to children’s environmental education. Even so, I never felt that this was my path.

On May 3 in 2014 I was reborn as a mother and this changed everything. After living my first pregnancy with full consciousness and have the birth I wanted, I felt the need to put all my senses in raising my son and share all I lived with the women in my life. During these two years I have been doing different formations, all these around the woman and parenting. I trained as a doula in Mares Doules and I am lactation consultant per Alba Lactància.

But it was thanks to yoga that all has make sense. It has been the way for can transmit woman to woman, the inner strength that each have for give birth, raising and live our life fully. I trained in yoga for pregnant women in Mandiram Yoga and Happy Yoga. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge with two years of training in Hatha Yoga.