“Babies in Movement” Workshop

Would you like to experience how your baby feels when moving? And understand what is happening at the nervous system and neural maturation level in these movements? In this online workshop “babies in movement” we will go through the most important evolutionary stages of psychomotor development. And we will open ourselves to feel and understand these movements. From this path and experience we will be able to better accompany our children in this stage.

Each person has his or her own rhythm and, although it is true that there are some key steps in all development, these do not have to be linear and consecutive. In fact, the repetition of these steps tends to be rather cyclical, either to experience them outside of what the evolutionary tables mark “as normal”, or to consolidate circuits that lead us to goals as important as access to stand up and begin to deploy ourselves in the world.

Being able to go through movements such as kicking, rolling over, crawling, walking like a macaque, standing up and sitting down, walking, tumbling, jumping… will bring us closer to our babies and make the experience of watching them grow even more wonderful.

We will also offer a space for the most frequently asked questions and doubts that all mothers, fathers and caregivers have. Thus facilitating an accomplice observation and encouraging a healthy and lively interaction, including some tips and suggestions.

Open to all families and people who are interested in this process and want to understand it from experience.


This “Babies in movement” workshop will be imparted by Ignasi Seró Torroja


Psycho-corporal therapist trained in Shiatsu Movement, Padovan Method of Neurofunctional Reorganization, Rhythmic Movements Therapy and Primitive Reflex Integration (BRMT). Degree in Humanities and Social and Cultural Anthropology. With more than 10 years of experience working with child psychomotor development and more than 15 years in the field of massage and complementary therapies. (

Imparted by Ignasi Seró, psycho-corporal therapist.

ONLINE Session
October 22
From 4pm to 6pm