Bea Garrido

Yoga came into my life to change it up and down in the midst of the stress of a very demanding job.
What began as a regular activity to disconnect, ended up surrounding me with international teachers and future teachers from whom I have learned a lot and who led me to consider a facet of my life that I would never have imagined.

Some time later I was there, pregnant, discovering a new body every time I sat down on the yoga mat while calculating the time in weeks.

Someone gave me the best advice I’ve ever been given: find yourself a tribe. So, suddenly, I found myself surrounded by inspiring, strong, empowered women, and I couldn’t help but get carried away and enjoy something almost magical, creating life, my body as home, support and refuge.

Once again, yoga was there to accompany me and help me to accept myself. While I enjoy my motherhood, I am very happy to be able to accompany mothers-to-be by sharing my practice with respect, humility, and a desire to continue learning.