Cristina Poll

Cristina Poll Moliner, graduate in physiotherapy (UAB-Gimbernat, 2013-2019) at the age of 44. She began her studies on the body through shiatsu and movement (2005-2008), and later studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (Cenac, 2008-2012). She has been learning and practicing non-violent communication since 2013.
Knowledge in its globality, at the service of the person.

Recognizes the body as an integrated system where the physical: muscles, fascia, joints, nerves, viscera and organs are related to each other and to emotional and cognitive processes, generating global and concrete responses. It considers the body as a grateful ally to be taken into account.

Cristina facilitates learning about practical and experiential anatomy for movement professionals such as shiatsu therapists or yoga and body awareness teachers.