Infant Massage

The infant massage is a very old tradition that has its origin in the oriental culture, and that in many cultures it is transmitted from mothers/fathers to children.

By means of the massage we create a bond between the adult and the baby in his first months of life. An art that helps to understand his non-verbal language and respond in a respectful way to his demands.

Studies and research reaffirm the need for nourishing tact as the fundamental basis of development in the first years of life. There are four basic benefits of this physical contact: interaction, release, stimulation and relaxation.

Some of its most concrete benefits:

  • Helps to create and strengthen emotional bonds.
  • Relieves the discomfort caused by colic and gas.
  • Helps the baby to sleep.
  • Helps to listen and understand the baby’s crying.
  • Facilitates communication between adults and their babies.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps to mature the nervous system.

In all the sessions, there is a space of welcome, relaxation and dialogue between the families.


  • Towel (or underpad) and Muslin.
  • Comfortable clothes for the adult.

General information:

  • Periodicity: 5 sessions, 1 time per week
  • Duration: 1.30h

20, 27 November and 4, 11 and 18 December. ONLINE (Zoom).
5 Sessions from 16h to 17:30h.


  • 1st session: feet and legs
  • 2nd session: belly and colic
  • 3rd session: chest and arms
  • 4th session: face and back
  • 5th session: stretches

Investment: 60€ full course
Includes: workshop, natural oil of sweet almonds and dossier with the movements of the infant massage.

Limited places: maximum of 6 families.