Intensive yoga teacher training for pregnant and postpartum women

Are you a yoga teacher and feel that you lack the tools to accompany pregnant women or women who have just had their baby? Are you a mother and want to reorient your work life? Are you already working with pregnant women and want to go deeper and see how yoga can help them? Are you pregnant and want to immerse yourself even more in this stage?

This intensive training is a super complete training, in which we go to the point so that you can take advantage of these 6 days, and in which our director Àgata Subirats will teach you everything she has learned in her 13 years teaching prenatal, postnatal, and also as a Doula (professional who accompanies you in processes of conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum).

Much of the training is given by Àgata and the day destined to childbirth will be in charge of Imma Campos, super yoga teacher and midwife with whom it is a luxury to share this path. We also have in the team with different professionals for anatomy, ball, asanas, sequences and hyporesives.

Who is the intensive yoga teacher training for pregnancy and postpartum aimed at?

Yoga teachers who want to specialize or have more tools to work with pregnant or postpartum women in a safe and beneficial way. To professionals who accompany women at this time of their lives, such as doulas, midwives or therapists.

Objective of the training

To deepen your knowledge of this vital stage of a woman’s life in order to accompany her both physically and emotionally.


Something very cool to keep in mind is that the students of the training have access to all our pregnancy and postpartum yoga classes online throughout the month of July to access real classes.
We also have a Whatsapp group where you can share doubts, comments or feelings.
You will also be able to join our job bank.

Training Methodology

  • Six intense training modules, with a lot of theoretical and practical information.
  • We provide you with a very complete training manual that you can use as a tool.
  • Certificate endorsed by Mamayoga and Sincronia Yoga.

It will be VIA ZOOM LIVE and will also BE RECORDED FOR 15 days so you can review the content.Structure of training


DATES: From July 5 to 10, 2021

PRICE: 395€.

TIMETABLE: Every day from 9:30 am to 4 pm, (lunch break from 1 pm to 2 pm).


Monday 5: First trimester of pregnancy with Àgata and Anatomy with Cristina Poll.
Tuesday 6: Second trimester of pregnancy with Àgata and Sequences with Li Lin.
Wednesday 7: Third trimester of pregnancy with Àgata and ball with Arantxa Masachs.
Thursday 8: Birth with Imma Campos.
Friday 9: Postpartum with Àgata and hypopressives with Leticia Cancelo.
Saturday 10: Parenting, case studies and doubts with Àgata.


Àgata Subirats

Imma Campos

Arantxa Masachs

Leticia Cancelo

Li Lin

Cristina Poll