Leticia Cancelo

I’m Lety, mother of a boy and a girl. Physical educator, specialized in perinatal health and women’s sports.

My personal project, “Growing in movement”, is a reflection of a change on a personal and professional level after my first maternity. After this process I saw the clear need to change the vision of accompanying women in the field of physical education. Which, from the faculty, erroneously approach it in a global way. Our physiognomy, our cycle, our emotional needs should not be left aside in an apparently only physical process.

I discovered the practice of Yoga pregnant with my first child. Moreover, I went into labor in the middle of a practice and that somehow marked me and that brings me here and now. After training in Perinatal Yoga with Mamayoga and adding my experience in hypopressive techniques and strength work, I am happy to be able to accompany women in a stage of life so vital where great changes occur. Illusion of being able to continue learning in a project like Mamayoga, center of reference in the field of maternity.

We will grow, together, in movement.