Marc Cadena

Outgoing, cheerful, empathetic, and vocational of being in contact with the human being, sportsman, nature lover and insatiable traveler.

My career during these almost 15 years as a physiotherapist began in a very varied way, due to my passion for my profession and the desire to learn and develop in different fields within physiotherapy. In this way I was able to nourish myself and know how to act in the face of different pathologies and different types of patients. That is why I continued with my specialized training in different fields and techniques of therapeutic approach. My illusion and dream from the beginning was to nourish myself to the maximum in order to be able to open my own practice, and thus be as prepared as possible to face different pathologies and ages of patients.

But I quickly realized that being able to perform my profession within the pediatric patient was what most comforted me for different and multiple reasons. Without going any further, because when every human being meets a baby or child in front of him, the first sensation that comes to him is none other than tenderness, to see that such an innocent and defenseless being encounters some kind of health problem. Especially when he has his whole life ahead of him. It was a stimulus and challenge in my profession as well as a motivation to be clearer that I wanted to dedicate myself to children, well, that, and although time passes, and without losing the seriousness and maturity, there is still a part of child in me. Being able to help, heal and accompany the baby and child in infantile age as well as the family filled me completely.

For more than 4 years I was in the hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau, developing paediatric physiotherapy and traumatology in the adult. I combined my hospital work with the world of sports physiotherapy as a passionate sports enthusiast, as well as allowing me to travel with the teams at a competitive pace.

It was not long before I had the chance to start my own practice together with another colleague from university and profession, a practice that today, apart from working as a physiotherapist, I also manage. As this matured I decided to leave the attention in sports physiotherapy at a competitive pace, to focus more on private practice, thus recovering my weekends. The years and my desire to continue doing individual clinic within the private sphere have taken me to the present time, being able to carry out my profession in Fisiotek (private practice), Espai Placidia, and today also if you need it in Mamayoga.

Pediatric Respiratory Physiotherapy

Infantile respiratory physiotherapy is an effective therapy for all pathologies derived from the respiratory system. It is an alternative or complementary treatment to the pharmacological one for premature babies or children of infantile age.

Respiratory pathologies are due to a deficit of the musculature; seasonal changes (more frequent in winter and spring); pathogens; deformities or problems of the spinal column; associated pathologies; blockage of the thorax; intrauterine tensions; instrumentalized births; genetic predisposition.

There are also the best-known or most common respiratory pathologies such as: colds; otitis; sinusitis; asthma; bronchitis; atelectasis; pneumopathies; bronchodysplacias; cystic fibrosis… for all these problems, paediatric respiratory physiotherapy would be indicated.

The affectation comes from an excess of mucus during an extensive period of time. This affectation can come from respiratory tract or / i lower. Our objective and task is to prevent and facilitate the evacuation of secretions, as well as to facilitate expectoration. In this way we act on the thoracic region, dynamizing the movement and the trajectory of the mucus.

The benefits are:

  • Prevention in respiratory infections
  • Reduces medication
  • Food returns to normal
  • Improves blood oxygen saturation
  • Improves sleep and regularizes the rest of the infant
  • Decreases cough
  • Improves or eliminates the process of any impairment in the baby’s respiratory system
  • Improves airway permeability
  • Improves the overall condition of the baby
  • Regularizes the rest of the family