Maria Trias

I am mother of a boy and a girl, I accompany and facilitate processes of change and transformation as Integral Coach and now, also, as a Yoga teacher.

Degree in Humanities, after working for 5 years in the Communication Department of Casal dels Infants, I moved to the United States with my partner, and I decide to combine my passion for the processes of social change through non-profit organizations, with my passion for personal growth. I do it by pursuing a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Consulting and a program of Integral Coaching.

This is how yoga comes to my life. One of the things that required the coaching training was to commit to a regular physical practice in order to develop the ability to be present. I started practicing Iyengar Yoga and I continued practicing Hatha and Vinyasa regularly, but it was with my first pregnancy when the Yoga caught me and I began to discover the depth of the practice. Yoga classes for pregnant women gave me space to feel the miracle of life in me; They invited me to strengthen the connection with my intuition and my body and to trust in them, they helped me to recognize my power and the active role I could play in my childbirth, at the same time that they encouraged me to let me hold, reminding me that I am part of something much bigger.

After giving birth to my first son, I realize that yoga continues offering me invaluable tools in parenting. After the childbirth of my second daughter, I decided to go deeper into my own practice and to train as a yoga teacher for pregnancy and postpartum in Mamayoga. Much earlier than I ever imagined, I find myself teaching and accompanying women, not only in their pregnancies, but in the rediscovery of what means to be a woman and recover the connection with her femininity, her essence and her capacity of enjoyment and leadership. Each class and each accompaniment is a gift.