yoga posparto

Postpartum Yoga (moms and babies)

Postpartum yoga is a space to take care of yourself after delivery, while you’re with the baby. Physically we will work on all the discomforts of this vital moment, tension in the shoulders, in the upper back, in the neck… And we will do our own exercises for abdominal and pelvic floor recovery. Hypopressive and Kegel exercises.
Emotionally we will place all these emotions so close to the surface that we are living in this moment. We will work on patience, unconditional love, inner silence or relaxed attention.


How is a Pospartum Yoga Class?

In arrive we will stand with crossed legs and sing 3 times the Om mantra. This way, we will connect with ourselves and with the baby and we will finish leaving the outside world behind the Mamayoga windows. We will also remind ourselves that the baby will be as he should be, that we will not demand (even without words) that he be silent. In our space babies don’t bother.

They can express themselves naturally and without judgment. We as mothers will attend them, giving them breast or bottle when they need it, cradling them, telling them little things. We don’t have the expectation of doing the whole class, but it is an hour to take care of yourself while you take care of your baby. This will be the great objective in the class, that you see that you can share the space with your child while taking care of yourself.

Our classes are always dynamic, so we’ll start with greetings to the sun, twisting, stretching for your back, and more. In each class we will make hypopressives, the technique for abdominal and pelvic floor recovery after childbirth.

The last 15 minutes of class, we will do massages and yoga games for babies. They love it, it stimulates them and helps us to bond and awaken that mother and child connection. To finish, we will sing to them and we will sing to us “The eternal sun”, using our power of mothers to give them all our love and good wishes.

When can you start your Postpartum Yoga Class?

  • If you had a vaginal birth, 6 weeks after giving birth approximately.
  • If you have been a caesarean birth, about 8.


Until when?

  • Until your baby crawl.