Online at 50% code: MAMAYOGA50

First month at 50%! Code: MAMAYOGA50

Yoga and accompaniment online monthly fee

Join the mamayoga tribe online, with pregnancy, postpartum, woman yoga classes... and professional accompaniment. We cross screens!


First month at 50%!

– Use the code MAMAYOGA50 and the first month will cost you only €17.50. From the second month, your fee will be €35 per month. The quota works for non-natural months, that is, the quota will be renewed on the same day that you signed up each month.

Live and recorded classes

– You will have access to all our daily classes live on Instagram, which will be recorded on the platform so that you can do them whenever you want. No hurry and at your own pace! Remember that we will do the manual acceptance on Instagram the next business day after you sign up.

Without registration or permanence

– You will only pay for your fee, without registration or permanence of any kind, being able to cancel in your client area or by emailing five days in advance of your next renewal.

online accompaniment

– We cross screens. We accompany you in your maternity and upbringing, with group support sessions led by Àgata Subirats. Connect with other mothers and professionals to experience this moment of your life as a tribe. Feel supported.

whatsapp groups

– If you want, you can be part of our WhatsApp groups with other mothers and teachers to share the day to day, doubts, moments... A personal space to talk about your experiences and emotions without judgement.


We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

By clicking on the following button you will access your subscriptions section where you will see a table with information about your subscriptions.

To cancel, click on the “View” button to the right of the table and then on the “Cancel” option.

And if you go to the accompaniment fee?

We will continue by your side for €24.90/month

If you cancel, you will lose your access to all our services, but we have been together for a long time and we want to continue by your side with our accompaniment fee, exclusively for female students.

We will continue by your side for €24.90/month

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