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Reencounter with the mother in pregnancy

Pregnancy often awakens in us the need to connect with our roots, with our mother.

We propose you a workshop where we will do yoga and where we will recognize ourselves as women, as daughters and as mothers. An opportunity for exchange and communication between generations. A space to honor your state and the arrival of your baby, close to your mother. A meeting point at a physical, emotional and spiritual level that will become the perfect excuse to spend a sweet time together. A unique space to remember where we come from and reconnect with our lineage.



“I loved being able to see beyond my mother, to know more details about my birth and how it felt.

“I’m not sure where what we did in the workshop will lead to our relationship, but what’s clear is that it won’t stay in the same place. 

“Honestly, I was a little afraid of what might be awakened in the workshop, but I’m super happy to have been brave and to have signed up, and I hope this opportunity can reach many more women.


Place: Mamayoga
Realized by: Maria Trias