Samanta Lipquin – Psychologist

I am a mother, psychologist and psychotherapist, specialized in emotionally accompanying mothers, children and families. I graduated in psychology in 2007 and then continued my training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and as a specialist in intervention and diagnosis in early care (0-6 years). During several years I have had a lot of contact with mothers, fathers and children who needed accompaniment and help in specific moments of the upbringing. I am also a facilitator of positive discipline, and I am currently training as a perinatal psychologist.

As a result of my maternity I have felt an internal revolution that has removed all the foundations of my life, including the professional one. I have felt the need to learn more about respectful and conscious parenting, about attachment, about fusion, about the real needs of babies and about how to accompany mothers and fathers in this wonderful and substantial adventure, of which we know so little before embarking on it. Accompanying, taking care of and always preserving the mother-baby bond, during pregnancy and the first months of life. From this integrative point of view, I have started my new professional projects after returning to the world of work, being also aware of all the prevention that is possible from this perspective.

I accompany from theory and experience, but also from the bond, care, dedication, listening and love, appreciating this delicate and crucial moment that is the postpartum and upbringing. The arrival of a baby is a unique event that changes us forever, an opportunity to know ourselves better, to accept ourselves as we are, without judging ourselves, to grow and transform ourselves as women. But, like any transformation, it can present new challenges, which may require specialized accompaniment. In general, we have little information about the postpartum period and the family restructuring that takes place after the arrival of their daughters. My passion is at the service of that cause: to offer presence, information and help to approach the new emotional reality of women, helping to heal, to connect and to know ourselves better, to have more tools to enjoy maternity and upbringing to the maximum.

I discovered Mamayoga when I was pregnant and I was lucky enough to live my pregnancy and postpartum surrounded by the power, love and strength of all the professionals who work there. I felt more connected than ever with myself and my baby, with my intuition, and I was able to live this important period in my life feeling accompanied and being part of a community of women who empowered me and made my doubts and insecurities smaller. For me it is an indescribable pleasure to be part of this team now, offering all my illusion and my experience to be able to accompany women who need a closer look, from relational psychology, to be able to go through this period in a more enriching way if possible.


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