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Sexual Mothers

“Sexual Mothers” workshop. Sexuality in general and our sexuality as women is still full of taboos that can lead us to have unrealistic expectations about our experience of pleasure. After becoming mothers, and especially during the postpartum period, we live a brutal transformation process. Because with our baby a new mother is born and if you have a partner, a new father or mother will also be born.

As a sexual woman you are in a very sexual moment of your life. Pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum are considered sexual moments and acts, however they have little to do with the hegemonic coitocentric sexuality that most have as a reference. This can lead you to think that something is wrong with you or your body, that you should follow another rhythm. You fear not being the same as before and thus not finding the way to relate to your partner. At this stage it is common that sexual desire is affected, both yours and your partner’s. And you find it hard to tune back in as you did before, as if your bodies were ashamed.


That is why in this “sexual Mothers” workshop we want to help you delve into your new sexuality.

It is a workshop in which we will make a little journey towards your “sexual self”, the new sexual woman you are. And to achieve this, we will travel to the past, to briefly know your sexual history; we will also stop in your pregnancy, birth and postpartum to discover how you lived it and how it impacts you now; we will explore how your sexual response is expressed, so you understand how sexual desire works; and finally we will enter into your couple relationship (if you have one) so you can learn new ways to connect together now that you are mothers/parents and couple.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Taught by Isabel Moreno, psychologist.
35€. Registration:

From 16.30h to 19h (ONLINE Workshop)