Tania Zamorano

After more than 5 years practicing, I decided to train as a teacher of Yoga Vinyasa to deepen in my practice and commit me even more with all this world. A decision that changed everything. I had always raised me to be a teacher of yoga and my training, finally confirmed me it. Yoga not only helps you feel better and healthier; the mind also clears and relaxes, offering you tranquility and welfare.

In the search for new visions of yoga, I decided to delve into the feminine aspect and I continued my learning from Ágata Subirats’s hand and of her training of Yoga and Meditation for Pregnancy. The passion and dedication that gave me took me to broaden horizons and to have the pleasure to accompany pregnant women and their babies from yoga and meditation. Following this, I trained with Yoguitos and its course of Yoga for Children and Families, as I believe that from very young we have the need to search that which move us and express us not only with outside, but also with inside. So I think that learning the techniques to accomplish all this from teeny can save us many concerns in the future.