Vero Russo

They call me Vero, mama, verito, che, negra i don’t remember how else. I am many people, like everyone else, depending on who and how you look at me. I am a mother of 2 children, sister of 6, friend of a few and, among others, Yoga teacher… or as I like more: Yoga facilitator.

I think it is a precious resource for the journey that is life, a way of being or returning to that center where we are at peace. And in this journey we breathe, stretch, mobilize organs and structure, strengthen, feel, accept as we are, and what happens to us is valid.

I share Yoga with mothers and babies still inside, then when they come out, again when they grow up, then when they are adults and so on, throughout life, because I see that it can be always present and will always be useful to us.

I was born and grew up in Argentina, in towns with wind and no rain, then in cities with rain and no wind. I traveled, I studied -without finishing and building great friendships- and I knew Yoga. So since 17 years ago I share this practical philosophy through different styles and I see that the moment of motherhood is propitious to connect with the essence, to feel, to breathe, to recognize how we are and to contact with that being that is inside gestating, preparing to come to this world.

I offer all my tools to make your path aware.