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Support group for parents with Papadreando

Accompaniment and monthly support for fatherhood together with Papadreando in a group

Close-up of the group of parents with Papadreando in Barcelona

The birth of a child supposes for us as adults our own birth to a new phase, to a new reality, to a new paradigm.

When our children are born, we are born to parents at the same time, so that the man-child gives way to the man-father. Birth can be a momentous event if we open ourselves to that possibility.

Papadreando is a broad support and accompaniment project for diverse fatherhoods, from a systemic paradigm, which aims to promote that each individual can occupy a good place in their family and cultural system.

After having worked for 15 years accompanying families in living schools and having therefore assisted many paternity processes, we have been able to verify the power that the systemic gaze can bring to our elaboration of the paternal.

This joint proposal between Mamayoga and Papadreando was born with the vocation of being able to offer a holistic accompaniment in pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing to the whole family.

We will meet one Saturday a month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

price of 50€/session


22 October
in mamayoga

5 November
in mamayoga

21 January
in mamayoga

25 February
in mamayoga

18 March
in mamayoga

15 April
in mamayoga

May 27
in mamayoga

June 10
Residential outside BCN

December 16, 17 and 18
Residential outside of Barcelona

Commitment to attendance is important to favor group unity and cohesion, so it is necessary to attend a minimum of 75% sessions.

Ruben Rodriguez

Systemic therapist specialized in childhood, family and adolescence.

Integrative Dream Therapist, educator and coordinator in Educacion Viva schools with almost 15 years of experience and Founder of Papadreando.

For more info and registration:

640 79 27 63


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