Our Classes


Yoga for Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a state of health, full of joy and plenitude, although sometimes we cannot enjoy it as much because of emotional swings, doubts, fear and physical discomfort.

In the prenatal yoga classes you will be able to free yourself of both emotional and physical tensions, in addition to being a very good preparation for childbirth.


Postpartum Yoga


Postpartum yoga is a space to take care of yourself after delivery, while you’re with the baby. We will work both physically the discomfort of this vital moment and postpartum recovery, and emotionally all the emotions that move these first weeks after childbirth. Babies are welcome.

Yoga en las escuelas

Yoga in Schools


In a yoga session for boys and girls in schools, we will travel through stories and games in imaginary worlds practicing this age-adapted technique.


Family Yoga


A space to take care of ourselves as a family in a different way.


Crawlers Yoga 


A place of tranquility where you can do yoga taking care of you, while you share this time with your baby.