Yoga en las escuelas

Yoga in Schools

We will become butterflies, cobras, trees, princesses and pirates … through asanas (yoga postures).

Yoga for boys and girls is a good way for them to become more aware of their own body, strengthen muscles, improve postural habits, work on flexibility, strength and endurance. Play with your own breathing, channel the energy in an optimal way and relax in movement, learning techniques that can be applied in your day to day.

We will actively work on emotions, contact with others, know how to be in action and calm and we will have a great time!

Yoga with children is a space for play and fun, where they will learn techniques that favor the body and mind.

It is proposed as an extracurricular activity, in the afternoon, or at midday. Once a week and for different age groups. Interested? Write me and we’ll tell you more.