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family yoga workshop

A workshop to practice yoga as a family, enjoying a moment to connect together

What the workshop is all about?

In this family yoga session we are going to travel through stories and games through the different yoga postures. Also working emotions, breathing, connection.

We are going to have a very cool time together!

Do you dare to practice yoga together?

Beyond the benefits of yoga for adults and children, we will create a moment to connect with our children, spend quality time and have fun.

We will carry out the workshop in the Sattva Room in Sant Pere Martir 33, just 200m from Mamayoga. We will do a yoga session in which adults and children are welcome. You can come one or two adults, with a price of €20 for families with one child, and €25 for families with several children.

In addition, yoga will help the little ones to…

  • Be aware of your body and your breathing.
  • Be more strong.
  • Gain balance and flexibility.
  • Improve your concentration.
  • Stimulates your creativity.

Coming soon

Adults + 1 Child @ 20€

Adults + 2 Children €25

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

In the Sattva Room, Carrer de Sant Pere Martir 33


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