Don’t miss our workshops on a variety of topics that will help you expand your knowledge on different topics related to motherhood, women, childbirth and more!


We are in labor!

You will leave with tricks for an easier birth, postures, massages and information to feel the three of you a great team.

ONLINE. Only 1 session. Dates available:

13th July / 7th September / 19th October

45€ for students and 55€ if you are not a student.
From 17h to 19:30h

PRESENTIAL. Only 1 session. Dates available:

15th July / 30th September

55€ for students and 65€ if you are not a student.
From 17h to 20h

First aid for infants

First Aid

In this workshop we will learn how to act in case of accidents and other eventualities. Taught by Reyes Balcells. Pediatrician.

PRESENTIAL. Dates available:

1st of July
From 17h to 19h (in Mamayoga)

45€ for students and 55€ not students (per family). Registration:

Diseño sin título (31)

Baby Led Weaning (BLW)

Everything you need to know about complementary feeding with solids.

Taught by Natalia Celma, dietician and nutritionist.

If you are interested in participating, contact us!


13th on July
From 3PM to 5:30PM

29€. Registration:

sueño infantil

Infant sleep

In this workshop we will give you the main guidelines to understand how your baby’s sleep works in order to improve your family’s sleep. Taught by Miriam Antequera.



25€. Registration:

Infant Massage. Mamayoga Workshop

Infant Massage

Through massage we create a bond with the baby in the first months of life. An art that helps to understand their non-verbal language and to respond respectfully to their demands. Taught by Laura Baeza.

From 17h to 18:15h. (In person at Mamayoga.)

4 sessions 80€. Registration:

Reencounter with the mother in pregnancy

Reencounter with the mother in pregnancy 

Pregnancy awakens in us the need to connect with our roots, with our mother.

We propose you a workshop where we will do yoga and where we will recognize ourselves as women, as daughters and as mothers. Taught by Maria Trias.


45€ both. Registration:

Meditación embarazadas

21-Day Meditation Challenge for Pregnant Women

21 days to connect with your inner strength; to banish all your fears and awaken the source of your power; to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally for childbirth; to align yourself with your soul and your baby’s soul. Taught by Maria Trias.

Every morning at 7h via zoom (ONLINE)

35€. Registration:

baila con tu bebé

Dance with your baby

Dancing is a way to happiness. Come and live this experience, take care of yourself and enjoy. We are waiting for you! Taught by Leticia Cancelo

Soon (Presential at Mamayoga)
Price: 15€.

meditación madres

21-Day Meditation Challenge for Mothers

Do you want to make meditation a habit in your life? Your children can help you… be inspired! Taught by María Trias.

Every morning at 7am via zoom. 21 days

35€. Registration:


Babies in movement workshop

Online workshop where we will experience and understand the movements of our babies to know how to help them in this maturation process. Taught by Ignasi Seró

(ONLINE Workshop)

25€. Registration: