Preparation for childbirth and postpartum in couples


You will leave with tricks for an easier birth, postures, massages and information to feel the three of you a great team.

March 14
From 16:30h to 19:30h


Breeding Group


We meet once a week to share doubts, experiences, ideas, laughter and tears…
Whatever comes up! I am waiting for you in Mamayoga to help you as an advisor in breeding and lactation.

Every Wednesday
At 11:30 a.m.

For free


Infant Massage


By means of massage we create a bond between the adult and the baby in their first months of life. An art that helps to understand their non-verbal language and to respond respectfully to their demands.

8, 15, 22, 29 May and 5 June
5 Sessions from 17h to 18:30h

taller reconectando

Reconnecting as a couple during parenting


A space for us in the changes and curves of breeding.

April 19
From 11h to 13h

mare-filla (2)

Reencounter with the mother in pregnancy 


Pregnancy awakens in us the need to connect with our roots, with our mother.

We propose you a workshop where we will do yoga and where we will recognize ourselves as women, as daughters and as mothers.

March 28
From 10:30h to 13:30h