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Do you want a unique and special gift? Give Mamayoga to the women you care about. Because the best gift is taking care of your loved ones.

lactation consultation

lactation consultation

In person (€108) | Online (€58)

Often, when we become mothers, many doubts and fears come to us. After giving birth, the beginning of breastfeeding can be difficult. Pain, cracks, engorgement, the baby crying or pulling at the breast.

Give the gift of a breastfeeding consultation with me, Àgata Subirats, director of Mamayoga and doula with more than 12 years of experience.

I accompany you from my experience and my knowledge in your home, or wherever you feel most comfortable. With all the love in the world.

Workshop we are in labor

In person (€75) | Online (€55)

Do you know a pregnant couple? Give them this childbirth and postpartum preparation workshop as a couple, with a completely open date so they can come whenever they want.

A non-health workshop, where we practice yoga, massages and breathing for childbirth, with the role of the couple as a companion in this process

A unique space to share and enjoy pregnancy. A meeting for the couple, to relax and breathe together.

Yoga and face-to-face accompaniment

From €54.90/month

Are you looking for a gift that includes everything you need to take care of yourself during pregnancy? This is what you are looking for!

Give the gift of our in-person yoga plan: Women's yoga, pregnancy yoga and postpartum yoga, a space for you and your baby in Barcelona.

It also includes professional support during pregnancy and parenting through our Zoom groups, WhatsApp and exclusive discounts.

Remember that with this plan you will have unlimited access to online yoga classes.

Yoga and online accompaniment

From €19.90/month

If the person you want to give a gift to is not from Barcelona or you think they will feel more comfortable practicing from home, our online plan is your perfect gift.

Access to more than 10 yoga classes a week: women's yoga, pregnancy, postpartum and express.

Pregnancy and parenting groups via Zoom, so you can feel accompanied and share your doubts with other women. Access to WhatsApp group with mothers and professionals.


Yoga, the best sport for pregnant women

Give the gift of a loose yoga class

From €15.00

Give the gift of an in-person class at our center in Mamayoga, located in Gràcia (Barcelona).

You will receive a gift voucher, which the person can redeem to come to a pregnancy or postpartum class at the time and date they want.

It is valid for six months.

Mamayoga Books

Àgata Subirats is the author of the books “Breathe with me” and “Mamayoga”.

mamayoga is a book aimed at pregnant women as a practical guide to pregnancy and yoga. It includes asanas, mantras, and meditation and breathing exercises suitable for each trimester.

breathe with me It is a book designed for children, to help control their emotions and direct their breathing, something that is difficult for children and adults.

You can also go to the Mamayoga center to pick them up and get them signed!


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