We are a center totally specialized in Yoga for pregnancy, Postpartum Yoga
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We believe in the potential of women to live pregnancy, childbirth and upbringing in fullness

Mamayoga is a method of yoga and emotional accompaniment for women and their partners where we believe that motherhood is an intense process, strengthening and a path of change in all aspects. Our intention is to accompany every day more and more families to experience a happy pregnancy, a conscious birth and a wonderful upbringing, with its lights and shadows.

That’s why we accompany you from the beginning, when you feel like it, even if you’ve never done yoga before. You will find yoga pregnancy classes with different teachers, at different times, so that you have total freedom to choose which one suits you best or you like best.

We offer a preparation to the childbirth in couple so that you can come with her and to be able to give you tricks for the childbirth and postpartum. There are also different workshops of music, dance and more.

Once you have given birth, you will have to wait for quarantine, or 8 weeks if the birth has been a cesarean. Then you can come with your baby to the postpartum yoga classes and the parenting group, or do our Reconnecting as a couple workshop during parenting, where we will talk about everything that is happening to us as a couple now that we have the baby in our arms. You can also learn how to massage the baby with our Infant Massage workshop, as well as attend talks about parenting or sexuality.

If you like yoga and your child is getting older, you can continue with crawling yoga or with yoga mothers.

To accompany you in a holistic way in this adventure, we have a lactation consultant, a child osteopath, a physiotherapist and masseur, a nutritionist, a perinatal psychologist and a respiratory physiotherapist for babies, to help you in a personalized way if you need it.

We also have WhatsApp groups with students and teachers, so you can make tribe and feel supported 24h.

And if you want to do everything that we offer your profession, we have a super teacher training Mamayoga.

Is that all Mamayoga? It’s much more than yoga. It’s a space to learn, to take care of yourself so that you can take care of yourself. It’s living fears and adventures, it’s company, it’s tribe, it’s not judging between women, it’s sharing the most incredible journey of your life.

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