Massage for pregnant women with Susana Pérez

Susana provides a relaxed and safe space where you can be cared for, with love, from experience and empathy.

chiromassage consultation

I am Susana, mother of a girl and a boy, and also graduated in Physiotherapy and Chiromassage. During my professional career I have focused on early childhood but, as a result of my motherhood, I have become interested in the care of the surrogate mother.

My time in Mamayoga has enriched me on a personal level and has opened a new path for me. There I found a tribe, a support, a cozy warmth that still accompanies me and I am happy to be part of it. Motherhood has been a transformative experience for me where I have rediscovered myself and have positivized my vulnerability. 

“Allowing myself to be cared for so I can care”



This is what I offer in Mamayoga, a pampering space where you feel cared for and accompanied, where you connect with your needs. My proposal is a massage adapted to the particularities of each person, a moment of listening in which to rebalance the body. Together we will assess the most appropriate intervention at all times: relaxing, decontracting, draining massage or a combination of them.

Susana Perez Verdu

€55 for female students

€60 for non-students

657 36 22 43