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Child sleep consultation with Miriam Antequera

Miriam is a child educator, specializing in infant sleep neuroscience, facilitator of positive discipline for families, and family sleep therapist.

child sleep consultation

I am Miriam and I am the mother of a child. After my certification as a child educator I decided to specialize in the neuroscience of children's sleep by CESI (Center for the Study of Children's Sleep) so that I could learn more about children's sleep. It seems to me an exciting world in which there is still much learning to be done. Since then I have never stopped studying and I continue to specialize in early childhood courses, learning from different educational approaches (Emmi Pikler's free movement, non-violent communication, and various courses related to a respectful approach to early childhood).

With my pregnancy I was lucky to meet Mamayoga, who has accompanied me and accompanies me since the first weeks of pregnancy and during the upbringing of my child. Mamayoga taught me the power of the tribe in motherhood and how difficult it is to experience motherhood alone. That sense of tribe gave me the necessary empowerment to give birth to Criar calmly, a project that had been in the making for some time but that I hadn't quite decided to materialize. Raising Calmly is a respectful parenting project specialized in respectful childhood sleep and positive discipline through which I can help families understand their children's sleep and improve sleep and family dynamics.

What do I offer in my child sleep consultations?

In my consultations I offer up-to-date information on sleep and child development. Through family support and respectful interventions we try to improve sleep and family dynamics. I do not offer magical solutions, but I do offer tools to be used throughout the sleep of our creatures. Always in a respectful, multidisciplinary way and without letting tears. I do not share the behavioral methods in which crying is justifiable.

Miriam Antequera

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