Breastfeeding consultation with Àgata Subirats

When to make personal consultations? Often, if not always, when we become mothers, a lot of doubts or fears come over us.

lactation consultation

During pregnancy, there may be doubts about the type of delivery I want, what protocols I should follow, how I deal with the arrival of a sibling with my eldest son, how to manage fears or discomfort.

After giving birth, the beginning of breastfeeding can be difficult. Pain, cracks, engorgement, the baby crying or pulling at the teat. Or maybe you are worried about some parenting issues such as whether it is normal for my baby to only want arms, if he will ever get used to sleeping alone, how do I carry him safely, what will be that of free movement, how to start with solids, baby food or BLW, wean…

The topics are endless, and unfortunately it is rare that as mothers we have a support network with women who have already been through it, to ask for support.

If you need my help, I am at your entire disposal. You want get to know me a little more?

I am Àgata, I am not a midwife or a therapist. I am a doula, lactation consultant and mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters. I am the director of Mamayoga and for 12 years I have been working almost exclusively with mothers. I have accompanied numerous processes of lactation, weaning and breeding; If you feel it, I think I can accompany you and help you.


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