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We are in labor!

Preparation for childbirth and postpartum as a couple with Àgata Subirats.

In We are in labor! We carry out a preparation for childbirth and postpartum as a couple. It is a non-sanitary workshop, in which we will do yoga and we will also talk about childbirth and postpartum.

In a very practical way, you will leave with tricks to live a very connected pregnancy, massages and breathing for childbirth and ideas for postpartum care.

We will work intensely on the role of the couple as a companion in this process.

A unique space to share and enjoy pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, experience this magical process and connect with your baby. A meeting for the couple, to relax and breathe together. An opportunity for exchange, communication and interaction between you and the baby, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, which allows you to strengthen the bond as a couple and as a family.

We recommend doing this workshop between week 30 of pregnancy and week 36 of pregnancy, after the opinions you have the available dates.

“Thank you very much Agata!!!! you have empowered us 💪🏼 and helped above all to arrive without fear of childbirth and how to prepare for the postpartum!!! You're sweet 💕»


"Agata, thank you very much! My partner and I have loved this workshop and it has been very, very enriching in many ways. Beautiful job. »


«Thank you Àgata for this wonderful course and given with so much love and wisdom. We are fully charged for childbirth and postpartum💘. I was convinced that Marco would go out tonight…but on the contrary…it's the best night I've slept in a long time.”🤦♀😆


«Thanks to the classes and the prepartum workshop at mamayoga I have been able to live a pregnancy more consciously, share and go through fears, get in shape, prepare myself psychologically and empower myself to live one of the most special moments in life, such as giving birth. light to my daughter. For everything, thanks to the whole team.”

Elizabeth Rose

June 28

At Mamayoga

4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


July 26

At Mamayoga

4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.


*Non-students €10 more each workshop


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