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Yoga for pregnant women in Barcelona

In yoga classes for pregnant women, or prenatal yoga, you can free yourself from both emotional and physical tensions, as well as being a very good preparation for childbirth.

Pregnancy is a state of health, full of joy and fullness, although sometimes we cannot finish enjoying it due to emotional fluctuations, doubts, fear and physical discomfort.

Emotionally, we will work on the state of internal stillness, letting go of fear and trusting our body, the baby and life again.

Physically, we will do yoga postures to relieve discomfort such as sciatica, back tension, pubic overload, fluid retention, among others.

And as preparation for childbirth, we will work with postures that can help you at this time, as well as breathing, sounds, visualizations and psychological tricks so that you can fully enjoy the birth of this new life.

In addition, sharing this moment with other women who live the same as you, makes you have that feeling of tribe, of warmth between women that we need so much.

The yoga class will be a magical moment just for you and your baby, to listen to him and connect with him and with your power. Enjoy it.

How is one of our yoga classes for pregnant women?

Upon arrival we will stand cross-legged and sing the Om mantra 3 times. Thus, we will connect with ourselves and with the baby and we will end up leaving the outside world behind the windows of Mamayoga.

Our classes are characterized by dynamism; so you will move your spine, strengthen your legs and buttocks, lengthen your lower back, take care of the sciatic nerve, activate the circulation of the whole body, open your pelvis, preparing it for childbirth, and a long etcetera. Always reminding you to listen to yourself, that you know how far and that you leave self-demand out, the postures do not have to be "perfect", they have to sit well with you. In all the movements or postures we will take into account the baby, who lives in you and who also enjoys the session.

In each yoga class for pregnant women we will work a lot on breathing, as well as pelvic floor awareness. Depending on the objective of that session, we will use balls or physioballs, we will dance, we will do breathing or postures for childbirth.

After the action comes the rest, so we will lie on the left side with nursing pillows to make you more comfortable and enjoy a few minutes of relaxation. Now the meditation will come, chanting a mantra or in silence. As we always say, pregnant women are more intuitive than at any other time in life, so it is vital to have moments of internal listening. Chanting mantras opens the heart, relaxes the uterus, and even if you think you sing badly, your baby loves it!

Finally, we say goodbye with the "Eternal Sun", a prayer for you and your baby.

Attend one of our Yoga classes for Pregnant Women and discover this great experience and great tribe.


We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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