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Benefits of doing yoga with your baby

yoga with your baby

Once the quarantine is over, you may consider recovering your usual practice or starting an activity that you can share with your baby, starting today mamayoga We explain to you what are the main benefits of doing yoga with your baby.

In a few words we would be talking about take care of yourself, establish a bond between the two, take back the reins and make a tribe.

watch over you

Probably before you get pregnant You didn't know that there are postpartum yoga classes where mothers and babies share the practice. These are not yoga sessions for babies but shared moments where mothers find space to take care of ourselves without moving away from the baby or the baby.

The arrival of a newborn change all your rhythms and routines, to the point that sometimes you disconnect from what is most necessary for you.

Classes can become those oasis spaces where you leave home to meet other mothers and spend some time for yourself.

take care includes find rest, release physical tension, relax the body, and prepare your recovery bodily and even mental.

do yoga with your baby

Create a bond, another of the benefits of doing yoga with your baby

As in any relationship that begins, apart from falling in love, the baby and you still don't know each other. Postpartum is the time to find each other. This connection isn't created out of thin air, so it's okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Recognizing each other takes time.

In the classes we offer you that shared space where you can practice with the baby integrating kisses and pampering in the postures, the crazy hands and complicit smiles.

with each passing day your bond will grow stronger. You will understand each other, you will know when he needs your arms and when you can practice looking into his eyes. Your voice, your gaze, your caresses, will make him or her feel safe, even if you move a few centimeters away from him or her.

postpartum recovery

Yoga practice focused on postpartum helps you in physical recovery What do you need after the baby is born? Beyond the quarantine, throughout the first year, your body needs to reactivate and recover regardless of whether the delivery was vaginal or by caesarean section. You should pay special attention to the health of your pelvic floor and the abdominal girdle.

In addition, always having the baby in your arms, impossible positions to breastfeed or give a bottle, raising and lowering the baby by weight, sleeping in contortionist mode or endless sleepless nights. There are a thousand reasons to do yoga it can be a lifesaver.

Practicing will help you with your posture, you will return to your emotional center, you will release tension from your shoulders, you will recover your core and you will learn how to deal with some of the physical problems of postpartum.

It is not about doing endless yoga sessions, every minute counts. You dedicate it to yourself, to your recovery.

practice yoga with your baby

Practicing yoga with your baby will make you take back the reins

It may be that at some point in the postpartum period you feel as if you have lost control over your life and your body a bit. The baby is very demanding and you love him madly, but There are times when you need to regain control of your sensations..

Seeing that you can do your yoga practice and that the baby is there is fantastic for this inner connection.

A simple question precedes many of the classes: How are you, mother? How do you feel here and now?

"If you're okay, they're okay."

Subirat Agate

It is of great importance that recover spaces for self-care. You are his temple, his house, and even his universe and that is fantastic, but don't forget about you.

The tribe

You will see, you will practice and you will feel accompanied by other mothers who will have given birth shortly before or after you. The same fears, the same doubts, other words, another body, another baby. But suddenly you will recognize with the looks that you are all on the same path, maternity. A path of emotional curves that can sometimes be very lonely.

That is why the importance of the tribe, the group, the circle of mothers who will practice with you, you will feel their solidarity in the days of unbridled crying and their support at all times. They have been there before and you will be there for the next ones.

The practices go beyond the exercises you can do, it is about what you can feel and share with other mothers and with the baby or baby.

If you want to come practice with the Mamayoga tribe We will be delighted to receive you and the baby.

Silvia Gallego

Author and editor, prenatal yoga teacher

yoga with your baby

We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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