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What do you need for your online yoga classes during pregnancy?

Discover what you need for your online yoga classes

A good way to practice yoga during your pregnancy is with the option of online yoga classes from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Today from mamayoga We explain to you what you need for your online yoga classes during pregnancy?

Prenatal online yoga classes

When you are pregnant it is not so easy to find specific yoga classes for pregnancy close to your home and that coincide with your schedules. It is for this reason that online yoga classes are here to stay, it is a good complement to your in-person practice, since they fit your schedules and pace of life. They will help you whether you want to practice more times a week, if you are far from the center, you like to practice from home, or you are in your vacation spot, etc.

Comfortable clothes and a harmonious place are two things you need for your online yoga classes

A online yoga class It has the same benefits as in-person prenatal yoga classes. Because how he loves to comment Ágata, director of Mamayoga, “we cross screens.” You will feel equally supported and with the support groups and chats you will be able to ask any questions that arise in the classes.

So let's see what do you need to enjoy your online yoga classes.

What do you need for your online yoga classes?


You do not need a large space to practice, but we do recommend that it be harmonious and you can practice without too many interruptions. Ideally, you should always practice in the same place and time, whether at home or outdoors. This way your mind will associate that space and moment with time to relax and connect with you and the baby.

You must be able, when placing yourself on top of your mat, move in all directions with open arms without anything impeding it. Some online yoga classes for pregnant women They are done with wall support, so have a clear wall nearby just in case.

Necessary material (or not)

Although the material It is never essential In yoga classes, having it can help you be more comfortable and practice more at ease. Next, we explain what material you can use in the online yoga classes and how to replace it if you don't have it.

Remember to get a mat and have cushions on hand

We propose the following:

  • A mat that does not slip. The material does not matter, but it does give you a feeling of security, especially if you want to do some of the more active practices in which you are going to move and you do not want your mat to slide. If you don't have one, improvise with a thick towel, using it only when you are on the floor.
  • Soft cushions of different sizes. This way you can put some between your legs or under your head when you lie on your side. Also one a little more consistent or hard to sit on. There are long, malleable nursing pillows that you can also use to practice. Or you can also use a rolled up blanket and that's it.
  • Blanket or shawl to cover yourself if necessary. Although during your pregnancy your internal fire will increase, during relaxation you may need to cover some part of your body. Soft cotton muslins are fantastic for this and by using them you will also infuse them with your smell before the arrival of the baby, the baby.
  • Comfortable clothes. Don't complicate things, make sure your clothes are comfortable so that you can perform all the movements without anything bothering you. Tracksuits, tights, loose t-shirts, maternity clothes, whatever you decide, but comfort first and foremost.
  • A device to reproduce the classes. You can do online yoga classes directly with your mobile phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection. If you like technology, you may want to project it on a large screen or television to see it better without having to look at the small screen of your mobile phone. The live classes and the accompaniment groups of mamayoga are streamed using the app Zoom. While the delayed classes and recordings are links that you will find on our platform or virtual classroom.
  • Exercise ball or fitball. Although it is optional, the exercise ball or fitball will be of great help to release tension, provide movement and stretch in the last months of your pregnancy. There are specific online prenatal yoga classes with this ball, so if you have one you can do them. You will find them in many sizes, check yours, since it is swollen and you sit on it, it allows you to sit with your feet on the ground and your knees are below your groin.
  • Other material like yoga belts, blocks, fitness equipment, etc. It is totally optional, you can use it if you already have it. If not, you can replace it with cushions, a bathrobe belt or a long shawl, a water bottle, etc.

Plan your routine

Time is the third element to take into account when planning your online prenatal yoga classes. It is important that you dedicate some time before and after class to enter and relax and leave it without rushing.

Plan your weekly routine deciding how much time you have to take classes. You will see that there are some shorter than 20 minutes so that you can do them in less than half an hour. So find some time to dedicate to yourself and the baby.

The regular practice In small doses it will be much more beneficial than the one done punctually where you leave your life in it. Enjoy practicing, may the endorphins and oxytocin fill you up.

I only have to invite you to try our online yoga classes for pregnancy, postpartum and mothers, where you can enjoy your practice accompanied by a great team of professionals at your disposal.

Discover what you need for your online yoga classes

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