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What is support in parenting?

Parenting support groups allow you to express yourself and feel safe

More and more mothers feel the need to share and seek mutual support during motherhood and parenting. Today, since mamayoga, we explain to you what is parenting support? 

Parenting support groups 

The accompaniment groups are meetings of people who face common problems to share what worries them. It's a space to give and receive support

In the breeding, these groups arise given the need to compensate for the loneliness that occurs after the childbirth and postpartum, the rollercoaster of emotions that is maternal and today's society's disconnection from families and motherhood.  

You can find groups specialized in pregnancy, others in postpartum and also of breeding, bi-mothers, etc. The different stages of motherhood will raise various doubts and it is important that you find a safe space where to consult. 

How many times have we gone to the health professional with the idea of consulting something and in front of his “presence” we have returned home without resolving anything, or we have not dared to share certain details of the situation that worries us because they are too intimate? or because we don't want others to doubt our ability as mothers. Parenting support groups are safe, comfortable spaces, where you will have your moment to ask and share.

Parenting support is a safe space

Affective and informed support 

In the support groups you will find support emotional, affective, informed Y professional. They are guided by a maternity professional and are accompanied by specialists to work on different aspects of parenting. 

Information is power. Being informed allows you to make your own decisions, that is why in the support groups you will find: 

  • Expert doulas in motherhood and parenting. Solve all your doubts with professionals in supporting women in this vital stage. 
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapists. Recover your pelvic floor in a natural and healthy way. Don't be afraid to ask if what is happening will happen or if you should act to solve it. Let's avoid normalizing urine leakage or pain during sexual relations after childbirth. A good recovery now will help you in the future. 
  • Lactation consultants. Doubts about the grip, the discomfort, the frenulum. Find out how you can help yourself enjoy breastfeeding. 
  • Children's sleep consultants. When are we going to sleep again? Ask, feel, share.  
  • Babywearing advisors. How to put on the scarf, the backpacks and a thousand questions about possible alternatives to make your life easier in our baby's koala stage. 
  • Midwives. All your sexual and reproductive health doubts.  
  • Pediatricians. When doubts concern our small offspring and the deepest fears arise. Consult and act.  
  • Expert nutritionists in childhood and maternity. What to eat and what to feed the baby, the baby, at the different stages of growth. 

The tribe 

As you have seen The support of your tribe is essential to raise, but we often find that the tribe in which we spend the most hours, whether chosen or not: direct and indirect family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.; It does not give us the necessary support or fills us with more doubts and even some criticism of our way of mothering. 

The tribe of the parenting support groups does not judge, does not criticize, does not impose its opinion on you.. Do you want to breastfeed until you are 10 years old? Perfect. Do you want to bottle feed from day one? Perfect too. Here you decide, this is your path, the rest of us listen, support and share from the reality that has touched us at this moment.  

And sometimes we just need be heard to put in order all the fears, doubts and others that appear during motherhood.  

To overcome the loneliness of parenting, we get together share from an open heart. And it feels so good when you share what is burning inside you, thinking that you are a bad mother and another mother tells you “don't worry, it happened to me too.”  

You are not alone. Accompaniment in parenting will open doors and windows for you when you see everything black. It will allow you to knit understanding and support networks with other mothers in your same situation. These networks are going to be your support for a long time and calm, whatever it is, the point of parenting that you are at now, This too shall pass

So from here I invite you to let you accompany by our parenting support groups, both in person and online, and that you join the Mamayoga tribe

Parenting support groups allow you to express yourself and feel safe

We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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