Written by Agata Subirats


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mamayoga is a complete, useful and richly illustrated guide to discover all the benefits that this ancient discipline brings to the body and mind, from conception to postpartum.

The book includes asanas, mantras, and meditation and breathing exercises suitable for each trimester. It also offers emotional accompaniment to help pregnant women listen to themselves, connect with themselves and their babies, empower themselves and improve well-being with their partners and the whole family throughout this vital revolution.

«A wonderful book that has helped me a lot in postpartum and that I wish I had read during my pregnancy or, better yet, during the time I was trying to conceive.»

– Olivia

«A book full of wisdom but above all love. The best gift for any pregnant or mom.»


«I wanted to find a book like this. That it was quick to read, clear and with the recommendations and varied exercises for all phases of pregnancy. It seemed incredible to me. Very nice to share it with my tummy.”

- Dew


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