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5 yoga poses to improve hip mobility

How to improve hip mobility during pregnancy

The hips are a symbol of fertility and femininity, so in this beautiful stage of pregnancy it is time to take care of them and give them mobility. Today from Mamayoga we explain 5 yoga postures to improve hip mobility. The joint that gives rise to this hip mobility We speak of the hip or coxofemoral joint at the insertion […]

Sleep and pregnancy: 5 yoga postures to relax you

Sleep during pregnancy while practicing yoga

During your pregnancy, one of the most annoying symptoms that appears may be that you have trouble sleeping or that you get up at night and never sleep again. Today from Mamayoga we explain 5 yoga postures to relax before going to sleep. Sleep and pregnancy Irregular sleep can appear in […]

What is the best sport for pregnant women? Yoga will be your best ally

Sport for pregnant women

You are pregnant and you are considering continuing your physical activity in a healthy way or preparing yourself physically, emotionally and mentally for childbirth, but you are not sure which sports will be most beneficial for you or if there is something you should avoid. Today from Mamayoga we will see what is the best sport for pregnant women? Can I do sports while […]

The best yoga exercises for pregnant women: preparing the body for childbirth

yoga exercises for pregnant women

Yoga exercises for pregnant women are a beneficial practice during pregnancy, as it can help you strengthen your body, relieve tension and promote relaxation. Each birth is an adventure, the moment of truth, a marathon of sensations and emotions to get to know the baby, but above all a moment of great […]

The Yoga-Pregnancy Connection: How Yoga Can Help You Connect With Your Baby

yoga and pregnancy

There is a connection between yoga and pregnancy beyond the beneficial physical exercises. It's about meeting the baby, the baby, establishing your unique bond. Today from Mamayoga we explain how yoga can help you connect with your baby. So connected or so disconnected Nowadays it seems that we are so […]

How yoga can help pregnant women feel stronger and more balanced

pregnant yoga

You are pregnant and with a new life on the way, suddenly a whirlwind of emotions and physical changes appear and you may not have expected them. Today from Mamayoga we tell you how yoga can help pregnant women feel stronger and more balanced. First of all, congratulations on your condition. Let's see what changes you are experiencing in this […]

How to prepare body and mind for childbirth through yoga

preparing for childbirth through yoga

When first-time pregnant women are asked how they view their birth, the majority respond that they feel overwhelmed by fear. It is something natural, the fear of the unknown. Today at Mamayoga we explain how to prepare your body and mind for childbirth through yoga. This way you will feel powerful, you will overcome your fears, you will recognize the […]

What asanas should you avoid during pregnancy?

During pregnancy

The practice of yoga during pregnancy and postpartum is highly beneficial for both you and the baby, with some indications and a good accompaniment you can carry out your practice safely and adapted to each trimester. Today, in Mamayoga we tell you what asanas you should avoid during pregnancy. Your new status First […]

Yoga asanas for pregnant women

Yoga asanas for pregnant women

The pregnancy process can be overwhelming from the first minute in which the woman's hormones are revolutionized. And it is that each one can live her pregnancy in a different way, even different pregnancies in different ways in the same person. At Mamayoga we like to accompany you during your pregnancy so you can take advantage […]

5 benefits of yoga for pregnant women

This activity is chosen by more and more future mothers and, not surprisingly, since there are multiple benefits of yoga for pregnant women. Some already practiced it before embarking on the adventure of starting a family, others, on the other hand, are now beginning to enter the world of yoga and it is usually for […]

To you, our men

At Mamayoga we work for and for mothers, those beings who could not be more generous. Who give up their body to a life that wants to come into this world through them, thus adapting their body, their emotions, their day to day. And after giving birth, they take care of their cub with an altruism without […]


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