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Online and face-to-face postpartum yoga in Barcelona

Postpartum yoga is a space to take care of yourself after childbirth, while you are with the baby. Physically we will work on all the discomforts typical of this vital moment, tension in the shoulders, in the upper part of the back, in the neck... And we will do our own exercises for abdominal and pelvic floor recovery. Hypopressives and Kegel exercises.

Emotionally we will place all these emotions so close to the surface that we are experiencing at this time. We will work on patience, unconditional love, inner silence or relaxed attention.

You will share this moment with other women who are living the same as you, and we will create a space together, as a tribe, with our babies, to listen to you and connect with him/her.

What is one of our postpartum yoga classes like?

Upon arrival we will focus on the moment, singing the Om mantra to connect with ourselves and with the baby and leave the world behind the Mamayoga windows. We will also remind ourselves that the baby will be as it should be, that we will not demand (even without words) that it be silent. 

In our space babies do not bother, they can express themselves naturally and without judgment. We as mothers will attend to them, giving them the breast or bottle when they need it, cradling them, telling them little things. We do not have the expectation of doing the entire class, but it is an hour to take care of yourself while you take care of your baby. This will be the great objective in the class: that you see that you can share the space with your child while taking care of yourself.

Our classes are always dynamic, so we'll start with sun salutations, twists, stretches for your back, and more. In each class we will do hypopressives, the technique for abdominal and pelvic floor recovery after childbirth.

The last 15 minutes of class, we will do massages and yoga games for the babies. They love it, it stimulates them and helps us bond and awaken that mother-child connection. 

To finish, we will sing to them and we will sing “The Eternal Sun”, using our power as mothers to give them all our love and good wishes.

When can you start your Postpartum Yoga classes?

If you have had a vaginal birth, you can come to class about 6 weeks after giving birth. On the other hand, if it was by caesarean section, you will have to wait for 8 weeks.

How long can you come to class?

Until your baby crawls! Then you can continue coming to classes yoga woman to continue taking care of you and supporting you in our tribe to parenting.

Our space is designed for you and your baby, to take care of you and express yourself naturally. To share this moment together, without judgement.


We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

We will attend to your request and notify you when we have processed it.

And if you go to the accompaniment fee?

We will continue by your side for €24.90/month

If you cancel, you will lose your access to all our services, but we have been together for a long time and we want to continue by your side with our accompaniment fee, exclusively for female students.

We will continue by your side for €24.90/month

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