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How yoga can help pregnant women feel stronger and more balanced

pregnant yoga

You are pregnant and with a new life on the way, suddenly a whirlwind of emotions and physical changes appear and you did not expect them. Today from mamayoga we tell you how yoga can help pregnant women feel stronger and more balanced.

First of all congratulations on your status. Let's see what changes you are experiencing in this beautiful stage of your life.

Physical, mental and emotional changes

Although they sell it to us as a path of roses, a pregnancy has moments of everything. Hormones will cause us physiological changes but also emotional ups and downs. There will be days when you will feel tired, others hyperactive, doubts may overwhelm you at times and tears appear, while others happiness opens the way for you. All these states are part of you, of your pregnancy, there is no good or bad but it is part of the physical and emotional preparation of your body for the arrival of the baby.

You will notice physical changes such as the increase in abdominal volume as the uterus enlarges, changes in the breasts, fluid retention, fatigue, changes in the frequency and rhythm of your heart, etc. Your body turns to nourish and protect the baby, but also generates an organ for it (the placenta). You will need energy and vitality that will be regulated by your hormones. These, in turn, will cause you some discomfort that will change each quarter.

On a mental level, you will also feel different either due to changes in sleep and rest rhythms, hyperactivity followed by energy drops, lack of concentration or creativity. Science has observed that there are tangible physical changes in your brain, which has a new priority job. You are giving life to a new being. You will think differently and your attention will be different.

The hormonal cocktail, together with the changes in the family structure that the arrival of a baby entails, will leave your emotions on the surface.

Most pregnant women experience one, two or all three of these roller coasters (of physical, mental and/or emotional changes). Staying physically active and promoting healthy routines will be key to going through all these changes.

yoga can help pregnant women

How the practice of yoga can help pregnant women

Yoga, among many other things, can help pregnant women in the following ways:

  • Strengthen body and mind
  • Rediscover your emotional balance
  • learn to trust you

Yoga is an integrative activity where mind, breath and body are related. Your body is activated, your breathing is rhythmic, your mind is focused.

The postures, sequences and movements of the practice of yoga for pregnant women They are designed to strengthen your body organically. On a physical level, a better tone will provide you with better rest and relaxation. In addition, the activity will make your body regulate itself, compensating for the discomfort and symptoms of your pregnancy.

A pleasant, adequate and diverse practice, it will compensate you hormonally, since you will produce cortisol and adrenaline to a lesser extent, while favoring the generation of endorphins and oxytocin. It is about feeding the circuit in your favor.

Listen to your breathing to be able to use it whenever you need it as an element of calm and centering. You are here and now, breathing, feeling, observing. In situations that you cannot change, conscious breathing will help you navigate them better.

"Everything passes, this too shall pass." – Agate Subirats

Plus your breath is a powerful tool to activate your inner strength. When you release the air, either by exhaling through your mouth or with sound through your voice, your diaphragm and all your muscles prepare for the efforts. You will recognize your abilities and personal power that will allow you to face childbirth in the best possible way.

Focusing on the present reality is another of the gifts of yoga. Thanks to this, you will be closer to your senses, including your mother's intuition. You will be able to feel and intuit what you and the baby need. It is beautiful the moment when your hands through the skin come to feel the baby or the baby as if it were already in your arms.

Trust you, mother. In your body, in your inner wisdom.

In Mamayoga we have yoga classes both in Face-to-face modality in Barcelona, as in online modality, to adjust to your schedules and needs. Don't think twice and enjoy the process with us.

Silvia Gallego

Author and editor, prenatal yoga teacher

pregnant yoga

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