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The Yoga-Pregnancy Connection: How Yoga Can Help You Connect With Your Baby

yoga and pregnancy

there is a connection between yoga and pregnancy beyond the beneficial physical exercises. It's about meeting the baby, the baby, establishing your unique bond. Today from mamayoga we explain how yoga can help you connect with your baby.

So connected or so disconnected

Nowadays it seems that we are so connected through technology: mobile phones, social networks, applications of all kinds, etc. that sometimes we disconnect from people and what surrounds us. This global trend is no exception for pregnant women.

Routine, work, planning for the future, shopping for everything necessary for the new life on the way, chores at home, etc. they are diverting your attention from what is truly important: your connection with the baby, the baby. 

Also if you are already a mother, bi-mother, tri-mother, the arrival of a new pregnancy it does not absent you from the sustained attention to all your offspring. So it is easier to be a little far from the reality of a pregnancy by keeping an eye on the 100% of the other sons or daughters.

connection between yoga and pregnancy

You create the connection between yoga and pregnancy

The good news is that you are a second away from resuming that connection between yoga and pregnancy in a very simple way: stopping to listen. By listening quietly, with your hands on your belly, feeling a lot or a little of the baby's movements, the baby depends on the week of your pregnancy. But being here and now with you.

You create the connection between the practice of yoga and your pregnancy. Stop, listen, don't do. And suddenly something comes up.

I invite you to do it right now.

  • Sit comfortably with your legs crossed or in a chair without leaning on the back so that your back is straight respecting your natural curves.
  • Place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly where you feel the baby, the baby.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Just breathe. The air goes in and out of your nose without any effort.
  • Ask yourself how are you? How do you feel here and now?
  • Feel the touch of your hands on your skin. Its temperature, its shape. Your hands listen.
  • Through your hands the beat of your heart and that of the baby, the baby is in rhythm. You feel it, you feel it. You are connected.
  • Enjoy a few more moments of being here, just listening to both of you.
yoga during pregnancy

yoga for pregnant women

being a mother you are going to develop a new language to communicate with the baby, words will no longer be valid but your skin, your smell, your sound will be your new tools.

In yoga for pregnant women we invite you to be intimate with your senses to go beyond your sight and hearing. Returning to your most primitive senses.

The smell of a newborn is usually pleasant for most people, but when in your arms is your newborn son or daughter, that smell will penetrate deep into your being. It will fill you with joy and love. It will activate all your senses and your hormonal response to love and protect him at the same time..

Many new moms wonder if they won't be intuitive enough when baby, baby, arrives. Do not worry. Intuition is going to awaken naturally at some point in your pregnancy. Yoga can help you find the time and space to listen to your inner wisdom.

In yoga for pregnant women we make magic, you make magic. Suddenly the physical barrier of your skin disappears and you are there, with your baby floating, with him looking into his eyes. and getting to know each other.

There is more to the physical than the tangible. The baby, the baby listens to you, you just have to enter at your own pace in that intimate space of silence with yourself.

if you want from mamayoga We will accompany you to rediscover your connection.

Silvia Gallego

Author and editor, prenatal yoga teacher.

yoga and pregnancy

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