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Yoga asanas for pregnant women

Yoga asanas for pregnant women

The process of pregnancy it can be overflowing from the first minute a woman's hormones are revolutionized. And it is that each one can live your pregnancy in a different way, even different pregnancies in different ways in the same person. In mamayoga we like accompany you during pregnancy what for make the most of your feminine energy during gestation. That is why today we tell you about the benefits of these 5 yoga asanas for pregnant women.

The benefits of yoga for pregnant women

Movement is necessary at the time of pregnancy, but it is also necessary to feel accompanied, sheltered, understood and protected. Therefore, the practice of any sport is not for everyone when life is growing in the womb of women. The first benefit that we should look for is to find emotional balance through the sport or exercise that we are going to do.

5 yoga asanas for pregnant women

This is why sports such as pilates or yoga, and specifically the classes we teach at our school, form the ideal complement to accompany these important moments in a woman's life. Whether in the process of pregnancy, postpartum or lactation, the female body is getting used to to a new reality. In mamayoga we take care of teaching you how to understand this reality and connect with your body through exercise and breathing.

Baddha konasana or the butterfly pose

Within the repertoire of yoga asanas for pregnant women that we can put into practice, This is one of those that we should do from the first months of pregnancy. This posture helps us with the hip opening, that will be of great help to facilitate the moment of childbirth.

Although this type of work flexibility, are from long term results. So we must be patient and start working on this posture from the first few months, or even earlier.

Butterfly asana for pregnant women

Ultrasana or camel pose

This asana helps us reconnect with our breath and feminine energy and it is ideal to carry out in the last trimester of pregnancy. The important thing when doing this asana is to control the breath to be able to open the chest and oxygenate the body, feeling the energy that enters and transmitting it through our body.

Tadasana or the mountain pose

To make a connection with yourself and feel your pregnancy flow, this position is one of the best. Enjoy your breath during yoga asanas and feeling our body joined to that of our baby, is something that excites and empowers us, that is part of us as women and that we can live in a much more intense way through yoga.

the cat pose and of the cow

And finally, for all people in general, but for pregnant women in particular, in this list of yoga asanas for pregnant womencould not miss any dedicated to taking care of our postural health. The spine it is constantly in pain, but when we give it extra weight and expect it to bear it without doing any exercise to compensate, we can be in pain.

This is why it is important to alternate, always with slow breaths to let the energy flow, and the emotions come out, the posture of the cat and the cow. The more advanced our pregnancy is, the more we will have to focus on carefully doing this pose

Finish with the asana Savasana

To finish, we must connect with our interior through Savasana asana, one of the most importants. Where the relaxation will have to end with a supine position trying to leave the mind as relaxed as possible. The connection with our body and with the earth is essential in this posture, focusing on the present moment, eliminating everything else from our horizon.

Adapt yoga asanas for pregnant women

In the last months of pregnancy you have to have special care with asanas that are carried out, as well as different care in other daily aspects. For this you can go to a gynecological consultation if you have doubts about the exercise you can do, or go to specialized sites.

If you prefer to be at home, you can sign up for our special classes in online-yoga for pregnant women, some of our workshops, or request information that we will gladly give you.

Secondly, if you are already a mother and you search feel accompanied In this process, you can be part of our free accompaniment groups, to live this experience together with more empowered women who are going through the same processes as you.

Yoga asanas for pregnant women

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