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Tips to start practicing yoga during pregnancy

When to start practicing yoga during pregnancy?

The great news has arrived, you are pregnant, and among many things, they have recommended you do yoga and you don't know where to start. Today from mamayoga we will give you advice for start practicing yoga during pregnancy.

A highly recommended activity

Yoga is a complete activity of cardiovascular intensity low that is recommended for a wide variety of groups due to its versatility Y adaptation. In the case of prenatal yoga, focused on your pregnant state, the benefits that yoga and meditation will bring you are great.

So practice yoga during pregnancy It can, among many things, help you strengthen your body and mind, relieve physical symptoms, rediscover your emotional balance and learn to trust yourself.

So where to start practicing yoga during pregnancy?

Are there prerequisites?

Something you can ask yourself is if there is any requirement before starting your practice. Well the truth is that no. You can start at any time of your pregnancyIt is not necessary to have practiced yoga before, nor be very flexible.

Let's see four basic tips or recommendations to start practicing yoga during pregnancy.


First trimester

The first trimester your body will experience all the hormonal changes. Your symptoms may be intense, including nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, etc. This is why many mothers wait for the arrival of the second quarter to start practicing, especially if your pregnancy is considered risky.

Follow Mamayoga's advice to start practicing yoga during pregnancy

If you were already yoga practitioner and you want to continue with your practice, or decide to start soon, you must adapt said practice to the first trimester. Promotes the relaxation In the face of force, always separate your legs to give space to your hips Y avoid a series of positions that we explain in this post.

Create your routine

Add yoga as part of your weekly routine It will help you calm the annoying ones physical symptoms: fatigue, low back pain, heaviness, etc. To do this, simply organize your schedule to add one or two classes to the yoga week.

Additionally, a good routine that includes healthy physical activity It will help you establish the rhythms of activity and rest that, let's say, get a little out of control during your pregnancy due to the effect of the hormones.

pleasurable activity

This is an important reminder, it is not about pushing yourself and doing all the classes possible without rest. Turn yoga into a pleasurable activity where you can enjoy movements, breathing and your internal listening.

In yoga classes we invite you to discover you, to feel your body and its sensations. So that you live and inhabit your physical body, in this beautiful time and space shared with the baby, the baby.

Take your time

Do not run, takes longer to arrive and leave. Adapt your schedules to your new rhythm of life. Even if you feel full of energy (especially if you are in the second trimester), your body has other internal activity to maintain and will ask you to slow down when walking or running down the street.

Arrive on time and enjoy your practice calmly. May the state of yoga begin before and end much later than the time you are in the state. mat.

Comfortable clothes

Look for comfortable and preferably loose clothing that does not bother you when practicing and allows you to make large movements and stretches of your body.

Let it surprise you

The yoga practice for pregnancy It includes meditations, connection with the baby, prenatal singing, as well as time to share with other mothers in the same state as you. Don't look for one orthodox practice and let yourself be surprised by sensations and emotions that you had not experienced before.

Through yoga we invite you to be more intimate with everything that happens inside you, not only the physical changes, but also the mental Y emotional. So everything that arises is welcome, is listened to, finds its space.

During the pregnancy Women connect with life, with creation, with giving birth. It is a beautiful time to start yoga practice and get to know yourself beyond the physical body.

So we only have to invite you to start yoga practice in pregnancy with us in our face-to-face classes wave online experience.

When to start practicing yoga during pregnancy?

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