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What are the benefits of yoga as a couple?

Discover the benefits of yoga as a couple

You will have heard that the path of motherhood it may surprise you for being so lonely. One way to avoid this is to involve our couple at all levels, even in our activities. Today from mamayoga We tell you what the benefits of yoga as a couple.

What is couples yoga?

We understand practicing yoga as a couple like that yoga activity performed between two people where the postures require both practitioners, both for the construction and for maintaining the position.

Origin of yoga as a couple

Originally, yoga was transmitted individually from teacher to disciple. It was a practice lonely where the internalization and the self-study They were the most important thing.

There was only one exception, the practice of tantra yoga. Where the search for balance between female and the male was carried out in couples to promote the trust and the bond. It is a practice very ritualized expression of the dual feminine divinity, Shakti, and masculine, shiva.

Yoga in pairs includes postures that will allow you to connect with your other part

Currently, the yoga posture practice for two has spread as another variant of the physical practice of hatha yoga, as it has turned out to be very beneficial for both members of the couple. Let's look at these benefits.

Benefits of yoga as a couple

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The great benefit of this type of yoga for two is that a beautiful bond is established Between both. Through the physical contact, understanding of movements of the other, the observation beyond our body, etc.

Non-verbal communication

We will learn to communicate with the couple not only with words, but with the look, the gestures to support us, now and from now on.


The key to human relationships is trust. be ours sentimental couple or another couple with whom we are doing this work, the dual practice requires high doses of confidence. It will take us out of comfort environment where only we have control, to place ourselves in the hands of the other and trust.

Creating a team, one of the benefits of yoga as a couple

We want to create a team. Get to know each other and move forward. We are no longer just two individual beings who go at their own pace. We find the rhythm and shared breathing. Understanding the other, supporting the other and at the same time being understood and finding our support.

Shared oxytocin

The happiness It is shared, the laughter too. It may be time creative Y fun of the week.

Flexibility, strength and emotional management

Apart from the particular benefits of the practice of couple yoga, we also benefit from the inherent yoga practice per se. As the improvement of flexibility and strength. But above all, a better emotional management and mental that will help us reduce stress levels.

Yoga as a couple during pregnancy

What's better than practicing yoga as a couple during your pregnancy! You have already seen the benefits it can bring you not only as pregnant, but also to your partner, that you have these spaces for both of you.

You will only have to adapt positions for two to your moment and status as pregnant, depending on the quarter, as adapted individual yoga practice. Furthermore, we will ensure that it is always the pregnant woman who start the postures and be more comfortable in them. Above all, avoiding positions where you hold the load.

Yoga postures for two

There is a whole new variety of specific yoga for couples, Its about acroyoga, where they take place balances as a couple using the gravity and the trust. But there is no need to complicate your life, below you will see some of the positions that we can practice as a couple to reap all the benefits of this practice:

Releasing oxytocin and connecting with others are some of the benefits of yoga as a couple.

The clamp and the lying hero

Sitting on the floor back to back We hold each other by the elbows, legs slightly apart. When inhaling, one of the couple leans forward and the other lies on his back of the partner. Go changing in each breathing and spend a few minutes in them. If the pregnant woman is already in the third trimester do not stay in the forward clamp, but only lying face up.

The shared triangle

Standing, back to back, with legs open and arms open in a cross. Both practitioners open one foot ninety degrees, but in the shape of a mirror, that is, one on the right and the other on the left. As you inhale, lower yourself sideways towards your open foot and with your hand reach for your partner's forward leg. He opposite arm rises towards the sky. Depending on our flexibility we can try also interlace your hands of the arms pointing towards the ceiling.

The square and the extension

We stand, facing each other, holding the couple's hands. The distance between the two will be, more or less, the length of the arms plus one foot. One member of the couple bends forward with their arms and legs stretched and their back forming a ninety-degree angle, but with their weight backwards, while the other gently pulls him. If the person who “stretches” the other has good flexibility, arch your spine backwards to extend your back, if not, simply stretch and you can help yourself by bending your knees.

The support of the gaze

One of the most beautiful works of yoga as a couple is the support of the gaze. Simply sit on the floor facing each other, with your legs crossed, but there should be contact between both of you. look into each other's eyes and hold your gaze for 5 minutes. let it arise the magic, trust, fear, masks, laughter and everything else.

family yoga

As our family grows we can involve all members in the practice of yoga. It is an activity fun, where children and adults share family yoga.

From mamayoga We will be happy to accompany you in your practice; to you, your partner and your family, during this beautiful and intense path What is motherhood?

Silvia Gallego 

Author and editor, prenatal yoga teacher 

Discover the benefits of yoga as a couple

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