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What is the best sport for pregnant women? Yoga will be your best ally

Sport for pregnant women

You are pregnant and you are considering continuing your physical activity in a healthy way or preparing yourself physically, emotionally and mentally for childbirth, but you are not sure which sports will be most beneficial for you or if there is something you should avoid. Today from Mamayoga we will see what is the best sport for pregnant women? 

Can I do sports while pregnant?

The answer is yes. Yes, you can, yes, you should, yes, it will benefit you in broad ways.

First it is worth remembering that a pregnant woman is not sick. Pregnancy is a state of health within a woman's natural life cycle.. Unless there is some additional pathology that prevents you from doing so, sports for pregnant women will be of great help to you at this vital stage.

We understand how sport those physical activities that have the purpose of expressing or improving physical condition, although on a personal level you may also want to achieve other achievements or goals. 

Being active during your pregnancy will be good for you and good for the baby. You just have to consider a few adaptations. During the first trimester you will avoid impact sports and those that require great abdominal efforts or staying in a prone position (lying face down). In the second trimester you will feel full of energy and you will be able to practice more intensely, adapting movements, postures and efforts to your new state. Finally, the third trimester will require more breaks and activities that promote calm breathing due to the change in volume and position of the diaphragm.

Practicing sports for pregnant women, or practicing the physical activity you choose adapted to pregnancy, will bring you physical, emotional and mental benefits, let's see it in detail.

Benefits of sport for pregnant women

As for women, these would be the main benefits of practicing sports for pregnant women:

  • Improvement of muscle and joint physical tone. 
  • It is part of an active and healthy life.
  • Regulates the internal processes of the body. This reduces digestive discomfort (such as constipation), regulates blood pressure and breathing.
  • Reduces the risk of gestational diabetes.
  • It prepares you for the physical changes in your body and also strengthens you physically and mentally for childbirth.
  • It helps you regulate hormonal changes, releasing excess cortisone and increasing the natural production of oxytocin and endorphins.
  • Regular activity will help you be more present and focused, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • It invites you to recognize your body, its movements and its needs.
  • Physical regularity during the day will give you better rest during sleeping hours.

But these benefits are also transferred to the baby:

  • By improving your body's internal processes, it increases the flow of nutrients to the placenta. 
  • Internal massage through regular and calm breathing.
  • Movement and space for you and the baby.
  • Less stress means greater connection with your pregnancy and with the baby, the baby.

Types of sports for pregnant women

In the past, the only activity or sport that doctors recommended for pregnant women was simply walking. Little by little, scientific evidence has shown that staying active during pregnancy, in addition to the benefits we have mentioned, means a lower probability of complications during childbirth (in low-risk pregnancies) and a better recovery. postpartum.

In general we will look for a so-called low impact sport and possibly where the groups are specific for pregnant women or the instructors have adequate training to adapt the practice to your condition. Let's look at some examples of these ideal sports for pregnant women:

Pool activities

Here we could include swimming, aquagym or water volleyball. Buoyancy will be your ally to move around in the water and feel free and light. It is a regular cardiovascular activity and also promotes broad breathing.


Once we started walking, we enjoyed it, walks in nature with a constant and active rhythm, very well shod and hydrated and adapting the routes to each week of the pregnancy. Less is more, better to enjoy than compete.

Yoga, pilates

The quintessential pregnancy activities. They combine low impact with other benefits on a mental and emotional level. Despite this, like the other sports mentioned, the traditional practice must be adapted to pregnancy to enjoy all its benefits.

Cycling or exercise bike

Yes, you can cycle while pregnant and it is a highly beneficial sport. You just have to know the route to avoid unnecessary impacts, stay hydrated and plan stops and breaks when you need. It will keep you fit and strengthen your body and joints. From the fifth month of pregnancy you can continue with the stationary bike, where you can better regulate breaks and distances.


Dance and enjoy! Although you can perform any dance, with Latin rhythms your hips will thank you, it will allow you to release tension, mobilize your body and fill you with hormones of pleasure. Five or ten minutes a day are enough, don't miss it in your routine.


Strength training during pregnancy is another of the beneficial sports or activities that we recommend. With good support it will help you stay in shape while strengthening your body and mind for childbirth.

Yoga your best ally

Yoga goes much further than a sport. It is a philosophy of life that combines body, breath and mind. During your pregnancy, yoga can help you give meaning and stability to this new stage. 

As a physical activity, yoga is suitable for all levels, whether you have already practiced before, if you have never done any sport or if you were a great impact athlete and are now looking for another activity more focused on your condition.

Some of the reasons to start your yoga practice during pregnancy:

  • It is a low-impact sport suitable and adaptable for all conditions and in any trimester of your pregnancy.
  • It will help you become respiratory aware. Regulating your breathing and giving you calm and presence.
  • Strengthens the physical body in a pleasant way and without overexertion.
  • Center the mind.
  • Work on opening the hips, recognizing the pelvic floor and helps you create more space for you and the baby.
  • Hormonal regulator.

Additionally, in yoga groups for pregnant women you will create a tribe with other women in the same state. 

So all I have to do is invite you to try our prenatal yoga classes so you can enjoy the benefits of sport for pregnant women.

Sport for pregnant women

We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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