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Yoga for moms and babies: When to resume physical activity with your newborn?

Yoga for moms and babies is a way to connect with your newborn

In the last weeks of your pregnancy You need to put order and timing to everything that is going to happen after the birth of the baby. One of the things you will need to keep in mind is when you can return to your routines and practices like yoga for moms and babies. Today from mamayoga We explain when to resume physical activity with your newborn.

the quarantine 

In any type of birth, whether vaginal, scheduled or emergency cesarean section, instrumented or natural; there is a minimum recovery period of forty days, quarantine. This period, also called puerperium, It is approximately six weeks after giving birth and it is the minimum period of time that your body will need to gradually recover and recover both muscles, tissues, hormones, etc.; will restore your function and your pre-pregnancy state. 

Furthermore, births where there have been complications physical or emotional are going to have their own time and need for follow-up by specialized midwives and physios.  

You can start yoga for moms and babies after quarantine or after the baby is nine months old.

Thus, the quarantine is a good time stamp for you to situations. Before, your body will be recovering from the craziness of childbirth. If your birth has been due to Caesarean section You will need a little more time for certain postures or movements, since the scar and its internal consequences have a slower recovery. In this case we recommend you wait until two months to get started in yoga for moms and babies.  

From that date you can go without rushing recovering physical activity calmly and on your own time. Despite this, some mothers need to bring this moment forward to be able to dedicate time to their self care. Listen to yourself and decide. 

Take your time to resume activity 

Don't force anything, see how you feel. Less is more. Kind listening is going to be your great ally. I invite you not to let it pass, Resuming physical activity will help you in your postpartum recovery both physically, mentally and emotionally.. Furthermore, if you take advantage of the classes with your newborn you will be able to fit him much better into your new routines. 

Many times we think that doing an hour and a half session, once or twice a week, is the best for our body. But actually, having a routine of 10/20 minutes, yes, let it be daily, is much more beneficial for your body. In the postpartum I would tell you even with smaller goals, do something every day, even if it is 5 minutes so that your body activates and relaxes in equal parts. 

If you start on your time and no hurries, soon you will be able to advance and, without realizing it, you are already taking longer classes.  

The experience of motherhood is something unique, but your body will need to mobilize and regain its strength. If you have kept active during your pregnancy, with the prenatal yoga classes or other activities, your muscle recovery will be faster and in a short time you will see the effects on your sensations.  

Incorporate the baby into your physical activity 

Even though they tell us that after 40 days Your body will be ready on a physical level, on an emotional level you will not be able to separate yourself from the baby. It could be said that, during the first nine months of a baby's life, you are going to be almost inseparable. That is why we recommend that you resume your physical activity together with the baby, baby, or newborn.  

It's not about babies doing exercises, activities or yoga, but about you being able to activate, recover and get back to your life without leaving the baby. This way you won't have to experience the separation so soon. Also, the baby, the baby, will learn that you can be present and with your attention focused on it, even if you are doing other things.  

Not all mom and baby yoga classes will be the same

In it yoga for moms and babies You will find a space where mothers share activity, talks, sighs, cries, lots of breasts and bottles. Everything designed for you mark the times. Some classes will flow and others you will practice 5 minutes and the rest hold the baby in your arms. Everything's fine.  

Resuming activity is taking care of yourself 

In summary, there is no magic or pre-established time. Neither prohibitions nor obligations. Postpartum is a crazy time, due to your lowering hormones, breastfeeding, finding yourself on the other side of the skin, learning to know and love someone you didn't know. Emotionally, in addition, they are going to wake up memories of your own childhood, changes in the family structure, who is now the mother, who makes the decisions, who holds the reins. You will need to take care of yourself

So it's important that you don't forget about yourself. Take care, mother, By starting physical activity you will start to feel better. Your body will thank you, as will your sleeping and eating routines. Yes, you are going to wake up a thousand times and eat between breasts or during precious naps, but it is important that you incorporate some routine, although you will already assume that it will have nothing to do with what you did before becoming a mother. 

If you you want to resume your physical activity with us, we invite you to try our postpartum yoga classes for moms and babies, where we all form a tribe, listen to each other, practice and share the path of motherhood. 

Yoga for moms and babies is a way to connect with your newborn

We are very sorry to see you leave the tribe... Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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