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5 benefits of yoga for pregnant women


This activity is chosen by more and more future mothers and, not surprisingly, since there are multiple benefits of yoga for pregnant women. Some already practiced it before embarking on the adventure of starting a family, others, on the other hand, are now beginning to enter the world of yoga and it is usually to stay. Prenatal yoga has been shown to be more effective for exercise than, say, walking or taking basic prenatal classes. Next, you will discover 5 benefits of yoga for pregnant women. 

release stress

This activity helps reduce the stress caused by the arrival of a new member in the family, in addition, helps eliminate anxiety. Mental health is as important as physical health, yoga helps us maintain a healthy life in both areas. Postpartum depression can also be relieved after practicing yoga, meditation and breathing exercises bring calm to our body. We can consider it an escape valve, we are in the here and now, that will make us see things with more perspective.

connection with the baby

Our bond with the baby begins long before it is born, this activity helps to strengthen that union and, of course, it is also beneficial for its health. If the mother maintains a healthy life, as a general rule, the baby too. When practicing yoga we are totally concentrated on our body, our movements and breathing, in the same way we will be connected with our baby. 

To fall asleep

It is common that the more advanced the pregnancy, the more difficult it is for us to sleep and rest well, this directly affects how we will feel during the day and how we will react to any stimulus that, during pregnancy, is magnified. Yoga will give us peace of mind, it will let us sleep with a calm head and away from stress, in addition, as it is an activity where we make physical effort, at night we will be tired and sleeping well will be a piece of cake.

pain and nausea

First a backache, then a headache, then swollen ankles, but don't panic! An activity such as yoga will reduce these pains, will release the tension accumulated in certain areas and relax the muscles. The associated nausea, especially in the first few months, will also gradually disappear. Your immune function will be increased by this activity, essential to face the pregnancy process.

You are not alone

In pregnancy the hormones are revolutionized, everything affects us a lot and we are not understood. attend classes yoga for moms It will help you, in addition to all the points mentioned above, to create bonds with other moms-to-be, exchange experiences, find similarities and, in this way, feel better. It is part of a path that you can travel with that company of people who may become friends and are going through the same thing. As you know, we have a whatsapp group made up of students and teachers, so that you feel supported 24h, whenever you need it.

We want to remind you that before starting any activity, the ideal thing would be to go to your doctor and consult. On the other hand, there are certain types of yoga, such as those that are performed at high temperatures or classes in which the intensity is very high, that are not recommended for pregnant women. If you can, it is best to go to one. yoga class for pregnant women, the exercises will be directed to your needs. Contact us and discover the world of yoga, you will not regret it!


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